Graduate Certificate - Financial Engineering

The financial engineering certificate program aims to equip students with a set of tools that will help them meet the standards of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) certifications. While being separate organizations, both GARP and PRMIA have become the standards in financial engineering and financial risk management, due to their similar knowledge of requirements for certification.

Certificate topics will help prepare students to take the GARP Financial Risk Managers (FRM) exam and/or the PRMIA Professional Risk Managers (PRM) exam. Both exams are set around topics in financial theory, financial markets and financial instruments, market risk measures, quantitative analysis, mathematical foundations of risk management, financial derivatives for risk reduction, risk management best practices, operational risk, market risk, credit risk, case studies, ethics, and governance. The certificate courses will provide a strong foundation in these areas.

Students will be responsible for prerequisite knowledge as determined by course instructors and are expected to have taken ENG MGT 5210 Economic Decision Analysis, ENG MGT 5202 Financial Decision Analysis, SYS ENG 6103 Systems Life Cycle Costing, or an equivalent introduction to finance and/or engineering economics course, as a prerequisite to the certificate program.

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