Are you a natural born leader with a knack for solving complex problems?

Then a degree in engineering management or systems engineering might be right
for you. Both programs are extremely interdisciplinary, and require a wide range
of communicational, organizational and technical skills.

Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Celebrating 50 years!


Engineering Management

Join the oldest and most storied engineering management program in the country. 

This program prepares students for leadership roles in engineering, business and education, balancing engineering preparation with a complementary education in business and management methods.

Systems Engineering

Enroll in one of the best systems engineering graduate programs in the world.

This program trains graduate students to look at engineering systems as a whole, and take an interdisciplinary, top-down, interactive approach to those systems.

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Participate in a Driving Simulation and Earn $10 Panera Bread Gift Card

Researchers investigating alternate work zone signage configurations for MoDOT are looking for 75 volunteers to participate in a driving simulator study. The project investigates the attitudes and response of drivers to different traffic sign configurations as they pass through a simulated representation of a standard Missouri work zone. Participants will receive a $10 Panera Bread gift card once they complete the driving simulation. Dr. Suzanna Long, interim chair and an associate professor of Engineering Management & Systems Engineering, is the primary investigator.

All drivers with a valid license are invited to apply. The simulations will take place in Room 311 Engineering Research Laboratory. Interested participants should email Samareh Moradpour to apply and arrange a simulation time. 

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Emerging engineering leaders

The Science of Softball

Bonnie Wilt, Senior

The Science of Softball

Softball is a sport of nuances. The slightest shift in a batter's stance or in the angle of a pitcher's arm can have a profound impact on an at-bat, a game and, sometimes, a season. Subtle changes in mechanics can be the difference between a batter striking out and lacing a home run to win the game.

Engineering is a discipline of nuances. Much like softball, the smallest tweak in design can be the difference between a project as important as a new bridge holding or crumbling. Bonnie Wilt, a senior in engineering management, had the opportunity to meld the two during a co-op with Rawlings

Sporting Goods in Chesterfield and O'Fallon, Mo., from May to December 2015. (Read More)