Doctor of Philosophy

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You must have completed the equivalent of at least three years of full-time work beyond a bachelor’s degree to be considered for this program. As a student in the program, you will conduct original research under the supervision of an advisor, and write and successfully defend a dissertation.

Recent research dissertation titles have included:

  • Search Based System Architecture Development Using A Holistic Modeling Approach, Renzhong Wang, August 2012
  • Architecture Value Mapping: Using a Linguistic Information Representation Scheme and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps as a Reasoning Mechanism for Multi-Criteria Conceptual Design Evaluation, Atmika Singh, December 2011
  • Assessing System Architectures: The Canonical Decomposition Fuzzy Comparative Methodology, Jason Dauby, December 2010

More information on areas of research specialization and selected research topics can be found here.

Program Requirements and Core Courses

Residency Requirements

To complete the Ph.D. in engineering management program, you must normally spend at least two sequential semesters in full-time residence at the university.

As an off-campus, working professional, you can meet the two-year residency requirement by doing the following:

  • Take the qualifying exam within the first five semesters of enrollment;
  • Conduct at minimum two video conferences per month with your research advisor;
  • Include one person from your professional work location on your Ph.D. committee. The appointment committee member must have a Ph.D. and be familiar with the chosen research;
  • Meet with your Ph.D. committee on a regular basis with at least two meetings per semester;
  • Be on campus a minimum of 16 days per year. Visits may be spread over four campus visits;
  • Take the Ph.D. comprehensive exam on campus; and
  • Do the dissertation defense on campus.

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor of Science in engineering, applied mathematics, computer science or a physical science
  • Completion of undergraduate courses in calculus I, II and III; differential equations; statistics; physics or chemistry; and engineering economy.  
  • A minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA
  • A minimum GRE score of 155 verbal and 148 math
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • State of Purpose
  • A TOEFL score of 580/237/92 (for international applicants only)