Doctor of Philosophy

As a student in the program, you will conduct original research under the supervision of an advisor and committee, write, and successfully defend a dissertation.


Ph.D. Course Requirements

(After B.S. Degree in Engineering or Physical Science)

Core Curriculum (24 Credit Hours)
* Eng Mgt 6101 - Advanced Research Methodologies
* Eng Mgt 6412 - Mathematical Programming
* Eng Mgt 6413 - Advanced Engineering Management Science
* Eng Mgt 6415 - Optimization Under Uncertainty
   Eng Mgt 5111 - Management for Scientists and Engineers
   Eng Mgt 5320 - Project Management
   Eng Mgt 5412 - Operations Management Science
   Eng Mgt 6211 - Advanced Financial Management
Engineering Management Electives (6 Credit Hours)
Specialization Electives (24 Credit Hours)
Research (30 Credit Hours)
Program TOTAL (84 Credit Hours)

* A condition of the oral Ph.D. qualifying exam is that students must have a GPA of 3.5 for these courses.


Program Requirements

  • Qualifying Exam
  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Dissertation Defense


Distance Student Residency Requirements

To complete the Ph.D. in engineering management program, you must normally spend at least two sequential semesters in full-time residence at the university.

As an off-campus, working professional, you can meet the two-year residency requirement by doing the following:

  • Take the qualifying exam within the first five semesters of enrollment;
  • Conduct at minimum two video conferences per month with your research advisor;
  • Include one person from your professional work location on your Ph.D. committee. The appointment committee member must have a Ph.D. and be familiar with the chosen research;
  • Meet with your Ph.D. committee on a regular basis with at least two meetings per semester;
  • Take the Ph.D. comprehensive exam on campus; and
  • Present the dissertation defense on campus.

Please refer to the graduate catalog for the program process and time limit, etc.


Department Admission Requirements

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