Doctor of Philosophy

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You must have completed the equivalent of at least three years of full-time work beyond a bachelor’s degree to be considered for this program. As a student in the program, you will conduct original research under the supervision of an advisor, and write and successfully defend a dissertation.

Recent research dissertation titles have included:

  • Cognition-Based Approaches for High-Precision Text Mining, George J. Shannon, July 2017
  • Multi-Objective Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Transportation and Defense Systems, Hadi Farhangi,May 2017
  • Domain Independent Method to Assess System of Systems Meta-Architecture Using Domain Specific Fuzzy Information, Louis Edward Pape II, December 2015, INCOSE 2013 Doctoral Award Winner. 

More information on areas of research specialization and selected research topics can be found here.

Program Requirements and Core Courses

Residency Requirements

All students are expected to follow the Missouri S&T Graduate Student Residency requirements. Off-campus students can meet the department residency requirement with the following requirements: the Qualifying Exam must be taken on campus by the 5th semester of coursework; the student will have at minimum two video conferences per month with his/her research advisor; the Ph.D. committee will include one person from the student's professional work location, the appointment committee member must have a Ph.D. and be familiar with the chosen research; the student is expected to meet with the Ph.D. committee on a regular basis with at least two meetings per semester; the Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam must be taken on campus; the student has the option of conducting research that is beneficial to the student's professional work; the Defense of Dissertation must take place on campus. 

Admission requirements

Applicants need a B.S. in engineering, physical science or math; M.S. in Systems Engineering or related field with a minimum GPA of 3.5; a minimum of three years of postgraduate work; V ≥ 155, Q ≥ 148, A ≥ 4.0. A Statement of Purpose and Three Letters of Recommendation are required for all students. A Qualifying Exam is required by the 5th semester of coursework. All requirements should be completed within an eight year period. A comprehensive exam is required near completion of classes. 

A candidate for the Ph.D. in Systems Engineering must complete the equivalent of at least three years of full-time work beyond the bachelor's degree. The content of all Ph.D. programs are individually structured by the student in consultation with and approved by the student's advisory committee. All requirements for the degree must normally be completed within an eight year period. At appropriate points in their program , Ph.D. students must pass both a qualifying examination and a comprehensive examination. Off-campus students are expected to complete all requirements listed in the Missouri University of Science and Technology Graduate Catalog  under the section entitled Doctor of Philosophy Degrees and follow all procedures listed under the Procedures for Ph.D. Candidates. 

The total credit requirements for graduation are in general 60 credits after the successful completion of M.S. degree in Systems Engineering or 90 credits after a B.S. degree. Actual courses taken will be determined by the candidate's committee and his or her program of study. The student will be expected to complete all requirements listed in the Missouri S&T Graduate Catalog.