‌The Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management, one of only six ABET accredited degrees in Engineering Management in the country, as well as a minor in Engineering Management.  


As an undergraduate student, you will take a number of required core Engineering Management courses, then choose a focus area in which you will do 18 additional hours of course work in a subject you are passionate about.

As a senior, you will take a capstone design course that integrates the technical and managerial skills you have acquired throughout the program. To complete your degree requirements, you must take the associate Engineering Manager certification and a department assessment exam.  

Engineering Management Curriculum

Admission Criteria for Engineering Management

Engineering Management Experiential Learning Program

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Emphasis areas in Engineering Management:

Management of Technology

‌Focuses on the management aspects of system design, logistics, scheduling, budgeting, information development, legal aspects of technology management, managing people, and decision making for positions in supply chain logistics, project engineering/scheduling, operations management, cost control/estimating, technical marketing/procurement, sales engineering, engineering administration, information systems, and finance economic analysis.

Management of Technology Emphasis Flow Chart

Industrial Engineering

‌Focuses on productivity analysis and system optimization for manufacturing and service organizations. Industrial engineering includes a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques to identify potential improvements in productivity, quality, safety, and other areas. This emphasis area prepares students for positions such as process engineer, project manager, quality engineer, safety engineer, supply chain manager, operations manager and consulting.

Industrial Engineering Curriculum Flow Chart

General Emphasis Option

‌Focuses on the convergence of engineering, management, and innovation in high technology environments. A general engineering emphasis allows students to customize their degree program and create a unique engineering emphasis area that focuses on a traditional engineering field or even a unique combination of engineering courses. 

General Engineering Emphasis Flow Chart


If you’re going for a Bachelor of Science in another accredited engineering program at the university, you can minor in engineering management by completing 15 hours of specific courses. More information

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