Consider joining one of the most prestigious Master of Science in engineering management degree programs in the world. Our program is one of only a few in the country to be certified by the American Society of Engineering Management.

When you apply for the program, you can elect a thesis or non-thesis track:

Thesis option

In addition to 12 hours of core coursework, this track requires six hours of Eng Mgt 6099-Graduate Research and 12 hours of elective and emphasis area courses. Two additional courses must be at the 6000 level. As a thesis student, you cannot register for Eng Mgt 6099 until your Form I is on file. You must submit your typed Form 1 to the graduate office by the beginning of the semester of your 9th credit hour.

Non-thesis option

This track requires 18 hours of elective and emphasis area courses, in addition to 12 hours of core coursework. As a non-thesis student, three of your courses must be at the 6000 level.

Master's Degree Forms and Deadlines

There have been several recent changes to the graduate catalog that are not reflected in the online department catalog entry.

For details on the process for obtaining graduate degrees please refer to the graduate catalog.

Core courses

The following core courses are required of any student in the masters program:

  • EMGT 5111 Management for Engineers and Scientists
  • EMGT 5320 Project Management
  • EMGT 5412 Operations Management Science
  • EMGT 6211 Advanced Financial Management

Emphasis areas

All students in the program have the option to take up to two out of department elective courses, while a third course may be accepted if approved by the Graduate Committee.


Engineering Management Master of Science - Course of Study Requirements


Department Admission Requirements






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