Graduate Certificate - Model Based Systems Engineering

Recent advances in technology demands and the increased level of interconnectivity achieved through Internet and broadband communication technology is leading to systems that are increasingly complex. To manage this complexity, computational modeling and data resources have become nearly ubiquitous in Systems Engineering, driving the profession from a document-centric paradigm to a model-centric one. Model Based Systems Engineering provides the means to construct models that capture system structure, behavior, and requirements and maintain consistency of these models automatically between collaborating engineers. These models can then be used in tandem with engineering and mathematics tools to quickly gain insight into the overall system performance over the entire lifecycle before a system component is ever made.

This graduate certificate program provides practicing engineers the opportunity to develop the necessary skills in the use of current modeling techniques to develop and simulate complex, multi-disciplinary engineering systems. In addition, engineers will learn methods to automate data acquisition for system development, establish rules for reusability of model resources, and acquire necessary skills for simulating the designed systems.  

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