S&T Department Profile - Engineering Management

Engineering Management as an academic field was originated on this campus (then the University of Missouri-Rolla) in the mid-1960s. We are the founding department in Engineering Management and today we still are one of the top producers of graduates in this field. Engineering Management focuses on the convergence of engineering, technology and business, and our department prepares individuals to work in that multidisciplinary arena.

First and foremost, the degrees granted by our department are engineering degrees so they are designed for individuals who enjoy the logic and methods of engineering. Second, we balance the engineering preparation with complementary education in business and management methods and practices. So, if you are a person who enjoys working with people, finds the business aspects appealing, likes being in the middle of things, is entrepreneurial, and thrives on ambiguity, then this complement to your engineering education is ideal.

Our program in Engineering Management consists of undergraduate and graduate degrees, an undergraduate minor, and several graduate certificates. Our bachelor of science in engineering management (BSEM) is one of only five ABET accredited degrees in this field, and our masters of science in engineering management (MSEM) is one of only a few certified by the American Society of Engineering Management. Our faculty is comprised of individuals with strong academic backgrounds as well as experience in high technology business and management. They are able to bring the theory and concepts into focus through real-world examples enriching the learning experience. Many of our faculty members have received outstanding teaching awards.

The education and research focus areas in engineering management include management of technology, operations and logistics, financial engineering, industrial engineering, and quality. Our faculty and students are working with leading high technology companies and government agencies to explore complex problems in these focus areas.

Graduates of our program are in high demand. Over 150 companies regularly recruit our students at the Career Fairs held twice a year on campus with starting salaries for BSEM graduates over $70,000 on average. Employers regularly support working engineers pursuing the MSEM degree or graduate certificates though distance education with tuition assistance.

Engineering management is a field that is in the center of everything, engineering, business, and technology. It is fast paced and exciting and requires individuals that have a well-rounded education.


What is Engineering Management?
Engineering Management is the degree that bridges the gap between engineering and management and it is the degree that enables a graduate to work with and through people to get things done.  More technically speaking, this is the degree that provides graduates with both excellent technical and managerial skills.  The degree, in essence combines a typical engineering education (technical) with key elements of a typical management or business education (managerial). 

What Is Unique About Our Degree?
Our degree is unique among typical engineering disciplines in that it combines traditional with our foundational “big picture” core courses.  In general this means exceptional starting and future salaries; exciting, challenging and rewarding career opportunities in a wide variety of industries and companies; and, more importantly, you will be choosing to study in engineering, which is generally recognized as a field that has a long history in pursuit of the betterment of society.  But what is even more exciting, when you choose to study Engineering Management, you are able to add the business, management and people side to the basic engineering equation, and apply critical thinking and problem solving skills in a wide variety of organizations and enterprises.

How Big Is The Department?
The Engineering Management and Systems Engineering department currently employs 11 faculty, 4 staff and has over 180 undergraduate students and nearly 200 graduate students.

Who Hires Engineering Management Graduates?
Many well-known companies who employ engineering management students are:

Manufacturing Companies:  Boeing, Ford, Hallmark Cards, Anheuser Busch-InBev and General Electric

Service Companies:  Sprint, IBM, American Express, and city and federal governments

Consulting Firms:  Accenture, Junction Solutions, and many others

What Does The Future Hold?
Wide varieties of jobs are offered to engineering management graduates and include: project engineering, plant engineering, information technology, sales engineering, engineering administration and many others.