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International Journal of General Systems

International Journal of General Systems is a crossdisciplinary periodical devoted primarily to the publication of original research contributions to system science, basic as well as applied. However, relevant tutorial and survey articles, invited autobiographical articles, book reviews, bibliographies, and letters to the editor are also published. The principal aim of the journal is to promote original systems ideas (concepts, principles, methods, insightful theoretical or experimental results, etc.) that transcend the boundaries between traditional academic disciplines. The term “general system” in the name of the journal is intended to indicate this aim - the orientation to systems ideas that have a general applicability. Some typical subject areas covered by the journal include: systems modeling, simulation and design; systems complexity and simplification methods; crossdisciplinary problem solving; and theoretical as well as experimental knowledge regarding various categories of systems, such as hierarchical, cellular, adaptive, self-organizing, learning, autopoietic, self-producing, intelligent, etc. The journal also contains a special area section on Intelligent Systems Design.